Friday, July 10, 2009

What about Bob?

It turns out that Ovie was actually Bob all along! Ovie went home yesterday to a couple that was overcome by his playful, loving attitude and wonderful ability to listen to commands and willingness to learn! When Ovie came off the track, the handlers were calling him Bob. He got renamed in his first home. Without knowing he was Bob before, his new family thought Bob was a fitting name. Guess he was Bob all along!! Bob's first report back was that he was slowly adjusting and slept through the night! Bob found his perfect forever home!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Not your usual boring greyhound

So I've heard the rumors about how greyhounds are supposed to be. While I have some of the normal greyhound characteristics, I am definitely not your usual boring greyhound. You see, I have a personality. Bettis is older, so he just lays around and I have fun. Some of my routines are cleaning out the stuffie toy box. Yep, I have to play with every stuffie every day!! We wouldn't want any of them to feel slighted. I also help my foster parents when they are on the computer. I stand with my head on the desk and proof read what they are typing. My human foster sister loves me very much because I make sure she knows I love her by following her around when she is here. Like a typical greyhound, I have bursts of energy, then have to rest. While I am resting I like nothing better than to cuddle with my people. I will cover them in kisses if they will let me!! I do get scared sometimes. I don't like vacuum cleaners and cleaning supplies much. I also don't like people to jump at me. I run away. I try to be brave and come check some of these things out if my foster parents are with me, but the sounds of appliances scare me a bit. I am learning manners. My foster mom says that even though she has not spent a lot of time on this, I am a quick study. I get very excited when my people come home and she is teaching me it is better to lay down and wiggle until they come to see me than to jump on them and get in trouble. It is really hard to lay there when people come in, but I am learning. Oh, one other thing- when my people come anywhere near me my tail begins to wag even if they aren't coming to pet me. I figure if I am adorable enough, they will stop and give me a belly rub along the way. It works pretty well, because as my foster mom says, I am an adorable love bug!!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ovie the top

Good morning! So my foster mom thought Ovie the top was cute...Get it? Over the top. Yeah, I thought it was pretty off the wall, too! So, a little about me...I am Ovie and I turn 2 next month. I am very sweet and lovable- Just ask me!! Don't tell Bettis (my foster brother), but my foster mom says I am one of the most beautiful brindles she has ever met. I would have to agree! Some of the things we have discovered is that I HATE the crate and should not be contained. I do well when left at home with my foster brother, but I am still learning my manners. I love to go for walks and lay on the couch and cuddle with my people!! That is all I want in life. My foster mom says I am probably not a good fit for young kids, but I would love older kids that want to play with me. I don't really need a yard as long as my people want to take me for walks. I don't really like going outside alone anyway. Well, as I "blossom", I will let you know how things are going!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

B-B-B-Benny and the Jets

Good morning! My name is Benny and as you can see, I am jet black (not to be confused with Jet, the last foster dog that came through here). I just arrived here less than 12 hours ago, so I am still getting my bearings, but my foster mom fell in love with me immediately. She asked me to describe myself a bit. First of all, I am a good boy. My family had a toddler and added a new baby to the clan and I just didn't fit into the new family very well. Don't worry, though, I came into my new home last night and had no issues adjusting. I settled right in and made myself at home. My foster brother told me that this place is known to be for the bad dogs, that need a little training, but that he heard I was not a bad boy. I am getting a little training and I am doing very well. We have already started learning sit and lay and I am doing very good at those. I really like it because I get my belly rubbed when I do a good job. My foster mom says I am a quick study and that I love to please my person so I am easy to train. I do jump every once in a while, but with a little training, I will get that worked out, too! I am a special needs dog as I used to have seizures. However, I have medication and I have not had a seizure since July! One final thing. My previous owner had a cat. He said that the cat would mess with me and I would not hurt the cat. It was just a little annoying to me! Anyway, I would be fine living with your cat, too if you would have me! If you want a shiny, silky, jet black, cuddly pup, then I can tell you, I am the one for you!!! I'll let you know more about me as I hang out here!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jet cleared for take off!

Jet to Tower...I'm prepared to take off and land in my new home! Yes, everyone, I have taken off and landed in my new home with Kristen and Kevin. I've already trained them to pet my belly and hug me and take me in the car. I don't think I have a lot of training to do. Fortunately, they had a greyhound before. They sadly lost their greyhound last week, but they saw me and just had to have me! (Of course, who wouldn't want me). I cleared them to take me when they came in and fed me homemade cookies and told me they would take me for hikes and long walks. I even took my big, soft, cuddly bed with me. Life is good and I am sure I am going to be very happy. Jet coming into the gate and parking myself in my forever home!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The things an old man taught me...

Guess what!! Last night I overheard my foster mom on the phone. I think someone wants me!!! They are going to come take me home on Sunday. Well, they are going to come meet me on Sunday and I am sure they won't be able to resist me. I am adorable, you know. So last night, Bettis and I laid down (he is the old guy in the front) and had a little chat about what it is to be a pet greyhound. He said he was a lot like me years ago. After his chat, I think I get it now!!! He told me to enjoy the time I am young, so I started doing that. I run around and test out everything. You would not believe the amount of things you can play with in the world!! Then, he told me to trust my humans. They won't hurt me!! He is right!! So, I now have a confidence like you would not believe. Then, he told me to take my time going up the stairs. So, I slowed down and took my time and guess what...I am an expert at the stairs, now! You know, for an old guy, Bettis is not too bad even though he does take some of my attention away. My foster mom says I am a totally different pup than what arrived at their house on Sunday. I am confident, assured, and acting like a puppy should act! She also said I am an attention hound. I think she may need some glasses, because I am definitely a greyhound!! I'll let you know how it goes on Sunday. I am thinking about getting my nails done for the occasion! What do you think?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Favorite Things...By EF Jet Commander

Hi there, it's Jet again. So, I have been hanging out in a house for a few days now and I have developed some things I really like and don't like. Here they are in no particular order: 1. My big, soft, fluffy bed. It is my little dream cloud. Which brings me to number 2. Naps in my big, soft, fluffy bed. 3. Waking up and eating! 4. Going for walks. There are so many fun things to do and smell! 5. Okay, this one I have to place as number one...BELLY RUBS!!! This would bring me to my number one dislike: 1. Rolling over to get my belly rubbed and falling off my big, fluffy, soft bed. 2. NOT getting my belly rubbed 3. Not getting to eat, and 4. My people leaving me.

So, these are a few of my favorite and not so favorite things. If you have any interests like mine, feel free to give me (okay, my foster mom) an email or a call and chat about me. I've heard her, she really likes to talk about me and how I wiggle my whole body when she comes home from work!!! Better get going...other people need a computer around here!!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Is that a bird, is that a plane...No silly, it is just Jet!

Excuse me if I am just a bit shy, but I just flew in here from an overnight stint at a friend's house. My name is Jet and I will be 2 years old in May. Yes, I am kind of young and I never saw the track. That doesn't make me any less appreciative of my foster home. It is much better than the farm and dog runs I used to hang out in. I am still trying to figure out the funny things in this place they call a house. It is all so new and I am a little shy when it comes to new things. My foster mom is being patient with me and she says it is okay that I don't know everything yet, but pretty soon I will trust humans and realize no one is going to hurt me.
So, see the basket of toys behind me in this picture. Well, just a little while ago, I learned that they are for me to play with and that if I bite them hard enough they squeak. OOOOOOO what fun it is to pull them all out and play with them!!! I also get to go outside in a yard and play a lot. I have to share the yard with my foster brother, but he is okay. He is teaching me how to share and get along with old guys. He also helped me learn how to go up steps. I really don't like the steps much, but I learned how to go up and down so that I can go outside. I even go up and down them by myself now. They say I am house broken, but I don't think I broke anything. I have not had a single accident in the house and I love my people. When my person walks into a room, I wag my tail. If my person leaves me, I go find them. It is so nice to be loved. I am told that this is just where I learn how to be a good pet, but someone will take me so I don't have to go back to the farm. Thank goodness because to me that would be Jet taking a crash landing!!! I am hoping to fly right into someone's heart and have them take me away to a home where I can be loved. I think I would like to have another greyhound with me, but that is optional. I also don't mind if there are small furry critters like cats in my house as long as there is enough love to go around. My foster mom says I am the laziest puppy she has ever met. She may be right because it is time for me to go for another "refueling". I'll chat more once I wake up!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hawkeye gets the girl...and a new home!

Well, here it is, I got a new home. These nice people came over and brought a beautiful young girl named Peanut. Peanut is young and has a lot of spunk. As you might guess, I love that!! I tried to play with her, but got told to stop. Something about me being too big to race in the house! Anyway, I am very happy with my new people and sister, too. I can't wait to race her around my new backyard. I also heard a little rumor that I am allowed on the couch at my new home. I think I'm gonna like this place! Hawkeye out!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

So who is Hawkeye today?

Good morning! So, my foster mom asked me to describe myself. I am pretty smart, so I thought I would do it in one word. I am a fun loving-stuffie playing-people cuddling-nonbarking-energetic-life is good-handsome dude!! How's that for one word? I just LOVE LIFE!! I can't be fenced in. There is too much to do and so little time. I love to play with stuffies. I really like the ones that make some noise and move on their own (see below), but I am non-discriminatory when it comes to stuffies. I will play with them all. I don't mind having cats in the house with me and I am okay with small dogs. HOWEVER, my foster mom says to think about it if you want me with a small dog because I am very energetic! I would love to be with another pet of the canine persuasion. Again, I am non-discriminatory when it comes to breed. I really do not like the crate but I do like walks. I don't get into stuff when I am left out anyway. I do love to eat! Oh, and have I mentioned that I got my teeth cleaned just the other day. As if I wasn't handsome enough, you should see my smile now!! Okay, so I am a little confident, too. Basically, my foster mom says I have no issues and I am a super dog and I just need someone who likes a dog with loads of personality and lots of love to cuddle with. If I were to sum up my motto in life, it is "Life is Good". Have a good day everyone! I am going to catch a nap, then go have some more fun!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Primping and preening

I had one final test...I went to the vet's office with Bettis. There were all kinds of little dogs and lots of people telling me how handsome I am! Of course I know this, but I played humble and just laid my head on their shoulder and allowed them all to pet me. I did not growl or bark. Maybe I let out a whine or two to remind people I was there and needed petted, but nothing more than that. Even the vet said I was a fine specimen. He weighed me and I was almost 89 lbs!! I guess the games have still not stopped because my foster mom got out a tool and kept touching my toes with it. It kind of tickled, so I would pull my toes back. She did tell me to quit trying to sniff this tool when it was running. She said it would make my toenails pretty. I wasn't too sure about it, but when I realized it just made my toes tickled, I let her trim my nails. They feel much better now! I do have to say that all of these tests and primping and preening have me a little bit sleepy. I'm going to take a nap so I can bounce a bit more in the morning! Rumor has it I am going to meet some new friends on Saturday!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Bootcamp fun and games!

What more can I say? Bootcamp is not all bad and can have some fun and games, too! By the way, I only have a muzzle on because I was just being introduced to the smaller, furry dog that was in the video, too. I had my muzzle off later in the evening and did just fine!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Letter from Doggie Bootcamp...Please send help!

Dear anyone who will help me,
My name was Red Hawk until I got sent to Doggie Bootcamp. They have since started calling me Hawkeye. How much more military can you get? I've seen MASH! Let me tell you how I ended up here. I was in a home and they sent me back to the kennel and said that I would growl at people when I was laying on my bed sleeping. That is when I got sent to doggie bootcamp. There are a couple of former Marines here playing drill instructor on me. I think you can see how pitiful I look in this picture. Anyway, this is what they have been doing to me...First, every time I fall asleep, they step on my bed and wake me up, they sneak up on me and tap me with their foot, they poke at me and pick on me like it was cool. They even stick their hands in my food bowl when I am eating!!! To my credit, my foster mom (aka "Drill instructor" or DI) says I have passed that test with flying colors and never once growled. Maybe I will get out of this place, yet!! So, the DI pulled the ultimate in tests on me the other day. She left the crate up from the last dog to see if I liked having somewhere to chill out. I will go in there sometimes and lay down. Well, the DI came home from the grocery store and gave Bettis (who must be really bad because he has been at Doggie bootcamp for over 5 years, he says!) and I a Dentabone. I took mine to the crate to chew on. You will not believe what she did next!! She came over and took the bone away from me. I gave her a pitiful look and I think she felt bad because she gave it back. Just to be safe, I turned around and faced the back of the cage with my bone. No one would mess with me there--RIGHT!! The DI got in the crate and took my bone. I held on for dear life, but she took my snout and took it right out of my mouth!!! Don't worry, I realized there was nothing I could do, so I let her have the bone and gave her the saddest look ever. Apparently my good looks work like a charm, because she felt bad again and gave it back!! I have to note here, I DID NOT GROWL OR SNAP!!! In fact, I have only growled a couple times here. One time, I was playing with a toy and collapsed on my bed with the toy in my paws, completely exhausted. A smaller dog (55lb Belgian Malinois) tried to take it out of my paws while I was sleeping and I growled at him. The second time I was playing with a toy and the smaller dog tried to take it from me and I growled at him then, too. My DI said that was understandable because I was just letting the other dog know I was boss over my toys that I was playing with. I did let him play with the other toys I wasn't playing with. So, what help do I need? My DI says that she would feel comfortable letting me go to a home now. I need out of doggie bootcamp...They have given me my walking papers, but only if someone comes to take me home! I do have to say they are not picking on me as much now that I have passed my tests, but it would still be nice to call somewhere home. Look into my pitiful eyes and tell me you can resist my charm...Go ahead, I dare you!! I'll write "home" more because I know my "home" is out there reading my letters. They just don't know they are my "home" yet!