Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bettis- Animal Idol!!

Bettis has decided that this is the day to pull out this head shot and prepare for his first album. Today Bettis made his singing debut on the Mike O'Meara show. They auditioned 5 dogs, a cat, guinea pigs, and some birds- Bettis clearly obliterated the competition! We'll let you determine his singing ability, but the judges saw his talent. Bettis has been practicing his singing ever since he retired from the track. He decided he would start a second career in singing and this is the result...His first big win! To listen to his winning performance, go to this link: and click on 6-04-08 Animal Idol Seg 5. You will see the title when you open it of "Bettis can sure sing". Hit the play button and you will know when it gets to Bettis. Congratulations Bettis, all of your practice paid off!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

My heart belongs to Pittsburgh!

I LOVE PITTSBURGH! Yinz guys are not going to believe this, but I went to Pittsburgh this weekend and decided to stay here. That means I had to get a new forever home. I got a wonderful new Mom and Dad and two new brothers named Tally and Aries. Aries is black greyhound and is my best bud. We get into trouble together and have so much fun! Tally is very jealous of how handsome I am, but he will just have to get over it and realize I am here to stay. He is a fawn greyhound, too, but I think I am much more handsome and lovable. I am trying to learn the new language around here, but I am starting to figure it out. Yinz should come up and visit me sometimes. It is probably better in the summer because I hear it gets slippy around here in the winter. I just wonder how's come I didn't come here long ago. Don't worry, I am earning my keep by acting like a vicious guard dog! We won't tell anyone that I am really rather ascared of things. Well, this will be my last post. Maybe my new mom will tell my foster mom what is happening and send some pictures and I can let you know what is happening around here once in a while. Guess you will just have to hear about Bettis and his new foster brother or sister!! Bean out... (P.S. Yes, I realize I have made some grammatical mistakes, but that is how to speak Pittsburghese, so I am just trying to fit in here!)