Thursday, August 29, 2013

Play then nap

I like to play, but boy is it exhausting!  Glad I have a bed I can go to afterward!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Need more Smooches?

Hi, its Smooch!  My foster mom asked me to give you a bit of an update.  She says she can't believe I have been off the track less than two weeks!  So, life has settled down quite a bit for me.  I have gotten rid of my crate (never really liked that thing, anyway!), seem to be completely house trained, and have learned to deal with my 3 year old human foster brother...In fact, he is not too bad after all and I kind of like him (he drops lots of food on the floor still)!  So, when I said I would prefer to be in a house with older kids, I am kind of changing that tune.  I just take some time to warm up to kids.  I am such a good boy, that when my foster brother fell on me while I was sleeping yesterday, I just grumbled at him.  Most dogs would have bit him, you know!!!  I'm still not a fan of sudden loud noises, but this works to your advantage if you adopt me...All it takes to correct me is a clap of your hands.  I even move away from the 3 year old if he corrects me that way!!  I love to please my human, so when I get yelled at, I take it pretty hard and go mope on my bed.  My foster mom says I have really good coping skills (not sure if she knows I am a dog, yet) and if something bothers me, I just go to my bed in the bedroom where I can get away from it and get a hold of myself.   When I am ready to come out, I do!  Sure beats fighting something out!  One final thing of what I learned this week:  There is this awesome basket in the corner of the living room.  It has these really cool things that squeak.  I found out yesterday that I REALLY like these and I took all of them out of the basket to try them out.  These things they call stuffies are a lot of fun!! 

So my foster mom says that she likes people to see the real me, even the negatives, so here is my admission:  I know I am a big boy (Robie calls me a horse!).  The vet said he thinks I could easily put on another 20 lbs (and weigh about 95 lbs).  I look at myself in the mirror every night, but I still like to believe I am a petite pup.  For this reason, I see no problem with being a lap dog or giving my person a hug!  So, if you want hugs and smooches and someone to sit in your lap while watching a movie, I am your man (even though Michelle says she is going to train the hugs and lap dog status out of me...Yeah right!)!!!  I am fine staying home for over 8 hours at a time without an accident and will be the most excited dog in the world when you come in from work!  We are not sure, but we are almost positive I would prefer a companion at home with me, though.  Another dog would just make my day!!  Please call Denise or Michelle and see if they will give you a Smooch!!!!

P.S. Smooch would be an AWESOME apartment or townhouse dog.  He is okay with the outside, but its not his favorite place to be.  He is okay walking and does well on the leash, and he enjoys saying hi to everyone along the way but he doesn't have to be out long to be happy.  He is comfortable on the steps and any floor surface.  And, best of all for those close by neighbors, Smooch rarely barks or whines. 

Friday, August 23, 2013

Smooches for you...(I hope!)

Hi there!  Allow me to introduce myself:  I am Smooch.  Yes, it has been brought to my attention that it is not a very manly name, but when you are my size, it doesn't matter what anyone calls you.  I am a big boy but I am just as sweet as smooches!!!  Please forgive the picture my foster mom took.  She claims I am hard to get a picture of.  I MAY be a bit curious and she MAY have a lot of pictures of my nose!  So, a little bit about me.  I have not been off the track long and I am only 2.  I love kids, at first, but I am a little nervous about how loud they can be.  My foster brother taught me that when he began banging his drum set.  If you have some older calmer kids, I would probably really enjoy that (of course, I am still learning, but my three year old foster brother is too much for me right now).  That being said, I do not snap at my foster brother or confront him with his loudness, I just go hide in my foster parents bedroom.  They say I have been pretty much perfect since I have been here.  I am very quiet and I sleep through the night.  I am learning some manners like not trying to take food from my foster brother and keeping my nose off the table and the counters, but I've been told I am a quick study.  I can be a little stubborn, so it is a good idea for me to have someone around that is more stubborn than I am and is willing to be the alpha dog.  Ummm, I hate to be imposing, but my foster brother is driving me crazy, so I would really appreciate if someone would come take me home soon!!!  My foster parents bedroom is nice, but I would really like to hang out with people. 

P.S.  I don't give smooches, but I love smooches and I LOVE when my people lay down next to me and rub my ears...Puts me right to sleep!