Monday, December 1, 2014

Milo your high

Hi there!  Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Milo (Pronounced my low).  I am a sweet cuddly dog who really enjoyed Santa's backrubs as you can see in this picture.  I am sure it comes as no surprise that I asked him for a forever home.  You see, I am a foster dog that needs someone to take me forever.  I have lived in a house with a small dog, so I am small dog safe.  AND, as an added bonus for anyone looking for a security dog, I once held the cleaning lady downstairs by growling and barking at her.  She talked to me so nice that after about five minutes, I let her up, but the good news is that no criminal will hang out in my house to see what I am going to do!!

I love to hang out with my family on the couch and I enjoy cuddling up with my foster sister Ginger.  I love runs or long walks and have a bit of energy for a six year old!!  Lots of exercise does the body good!!  I really like kids and want to race in the backyard with them.  I get kind of frustrated when my human foster brother is on the trampoline and I am not allowed to join him!  My foster mom says I am a true love and that the right person will make sure I get the love and attention I deserve.  Hope Santa gives me my one Christmas wish!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Flying Sandpaper? What is that?

Hi, my name is Flying Sandpaper.  Yes, horrible name for a racer, isn't it?  We all know sandpaper causes friction and I am sure that is what slowed me down so I never really raced!  That is good for you, though if you are looking for a greyhound with youthful exuberance!! Let me tell you a little about myself:
First, I am very much a puppy.  I LOVE to bounce and life excites me.  I LOVE to experience new things.  I LOVE to test out new toys.  I LOVE visitors.  I LOVE spending time with my people.  I really just LOVE life.   
My job here during the day is pretty tough.  I have to pull all of the stuffies out of the stuffie basket and play with them- my foster sister Ginger is kind of lazy so a lot of them have not been played with much!  Then, I have to grab a couple of my human foster brothers hot wheel cars to zoom across the floor- he has way to many to give them the attention they deserve.  Then, I lay on my bed and roll back and forth with one of the stuffies.  I also have to investigate everything once or twice a day to see if anything new showed up for me to play with.  I also have to greet everyone who comes here.  Oh my gosh, life is just soooooo busy and exciting!!!!
I'm still learning all of my jobs, so sometimes I greet my visitors a little too exuberantly and jump up on them.  Sometimes I take toys that aren't mine to test out.  AND, the thing that makes my foster mom really laugh is when I lay down on my dog bed and fall off.  I am kind of clumsy and awkward because I am still a puppy and have not quite figured out how big I really am (I am pretty big for a girl!). 
So, if you are looking to add some energy and youthful exuberance to your life, give my foster mom a call.  My foster mom says I am still learning a few manners, but if someone is willing to teach me manners, I am available today...If you want to wait for me to learn a few manners, I may take another week or two.  BTW, I am absolutely stunning according to my foster mom and have no nicks or scrapes on me and I have a tail that curls on the end!  I think I may be the total package when I finish learning some manners!  P.S.  My foster mom says I am probably better off with a home that does not include small dogs and cats!