Thursday, April 24, 2008

SFM age 9.5

So I did some surfing today while my foster mom was at work and realized I am going about this trying to find a home thing in all the wrong ways. I went on and I think I figured it out. Here it goes:

"Single Fawn male, 9.5, seeks family of at least one. Gender not important. Prefer older mature children and like companions of a canine persuasion. I am a former star athlete who has kept my slim figure. I am rich with unconditional love that I would love to share with you. Call me if you would like to take long walks in the park and gaze lovingly into my deep brown eyes while cuddling with me in the evenings. Still a pup at heart, I love to play, yet I'm mature enough to take time to smell the roses. Sophisticated, sleek, and of Egyptian descent, a handsome man like me does not come along every day. Contact me at if you would like to see if we are a match made in heaven.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Healthy as a greyhound!

Hi Everyone, Bean here. Well, now that my buddy, Jelly, has gone home, I can finally get a word in edgewise. Boy does that girl like to blog!!! First of all, this is not me in the picture. I would never let anyone do that to me! That is my foster brother, Bettis as he celebrated his 9th birthday at Dewey on April 11th. So, why did I post his picture? Well, let me tell you! I turn 10 in July. Know how many medications I am on? ZERO!!!! I am healthy as an ox...I mean greyhound. Know how many Bettis is on? MORE THAN I CAN COUNT!!! So, what does that say about me? I am much better than those young guys and I am just like a fine wine-getting better with age. So, "How am I doing without Jelly?" is the common question I get these days. Well, I am really branching out on my own. I got to stay here alone today while Bettis went to the doctor. I did just fine. I do like having a friend around, but I can handle anything!! And, while I was at the meet and greet on Saturday, I met a black lab named Sunshine and really liked him. I truly like pretty much everyone, especially of the canine persuasion, with some time to get used to them. On the way home from the meet and greet, I got the whole back of the car all to myself, so I took advantage and stretched my legs out as far as I could! You know how someone said I was a nervous pup? Well, last night it stormed here and I did not even flinch. Would a nervous pup do that? I think not!! You know what else? When it rains, I do not hesitate to go outside and do my business. My foster mom says that she thinks I may be even more perfect than Jelly Roll. You know what? I think she is right!!!! So, the perfect Mr. Bean, now signing off!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Today was a bitter sweet day in our household. Jelly "Roll" found her forever home. This sweet little girl adopted a wonderful, retired woman who just lost her 13 year old greyhound companion of over 10 years to bone cancer. Jelly was thrilled with her new friend. Okay, so she slept through the entire process, but she was very content with the whole thing and very happy with her new companion. She jumped right up into her new car and laid down. While I am going to miss the little Jelly Roll, I believe she found her best forever home...Bean still waits for his, though! A sweet old gentleman like him does not come along often. Get him while you can!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I didn't go to Dewey, but...

My foster mom and Bettis went to Dewey, but Jelly and I had to stay home because there wasn't enough room in the car or hotel room for us. But guess what! They brought home new stuffies!!!! I do not like the monkey because it screams at me and I am a bit of a sensitive soul. The duck that grunts is kind of fun, though. Well, after being here for a couple of months and doing some training, I decided to try a game of fetch with the duck. I was really good!!! My foster mom threw the duck and I went and got it. I approached it with respect and play bowed to it before I pounced on it and began running laps with it. Who said I was old? Then Jelly got into the game and she chased me trying to steal the duck (I guess it became a game of keep away). Now, let me tell you something about Jelly that she won't tell you. See what I was doing afterward...I was wide awake taking in the world. Guess what Jelly was doing. I'll give you a hint: ZZZZZZZZZZZZ. You guessed it...That young buck was sound asleep. I guess all of my training has paid off and I am in shape again. Don't tell the track that, though. I prefer the cuddling I get in a home- my foster mom says that I will get cuddling in my forever home soon. I think I will take that nap now and dream of my forever home. Bean signing off...ZZZZZZZZZ.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Jelly's admission- final one

For those who have been following my admissions, this will be my last one- maybe. This one is a doozy!! You see, when meal time comes, my foster mom puts out a dish for Bettis, a dish for Bean, then a dish for me. Well, I have something going for me- I am really cute and cuddly! So, I figured out that if I lay on my bed and don't go get my food, my foster mom is afraid that the boys will take my food and I won't get to eat. So, if I wait long enough, she gives me my food in bed . I have her wrapped around my little dew claw! Bad news is that she is taking Bettis with her to Dewey this weekend and my foster dad will be feeding me. He hasn't succumbed to my cuteness yet, so I don't have him wrapped around anything. I may actually have to stand up to eat for a couple of days! On a side note, my thyroid medicine is working. My T4 count is a little too high now, so they are giving me a little less medicine, but with the help of my foster mom and the medicine, I have lost 7 lbs!!! My foster mom says I need to drop another 10-15 lbs, but I am starting to look and feel a lot better. Hmmm, maybe I should start a doggie diet blog...No, not enough time in my day. After all, Spidey still needs my attention! P.S. Bettis turned 9 today. We got some canned food to celebrate...YUM!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jelly's admission #2

So on my last post, I said that I would reveal all. I never said I would do it all in one post, though!! So here goes admission number two...I'm in love. I know this is silly, but I am in love with a jumbo, green, fuzzy spider that has legs that just won't quit. I visit Spidey (that is my pet name for him) in the morning before I go for a walk and tell him how excited I am. I take him into my "sleeping" room during the day when my foster mom and dad go to work. I grab him when everyone comes home in the evening and I take him outside for a lovely game of chase. He lets me catch him after my foster mom throws him. He truly knows how to treat a girl! I have fallen head over heals for him many times (okay, so those long legs get under foot when I am running with him and I trip. Just like a girl in love to be clutsy!). Anyway, don't tell Bettis, but my foster mom says that she is going to try to find Bettis a new Spider so I can take my Spidey with me when I get a forever home. I say "when" because someone is going to want me soon. Spidey and I talk about it and he says that I am such a joy that someone will have to love me sooner or later. And, I say what a bargain...You get me and Spidey! I don't think you can go wrong with that deal. He is such a charmer! Well, I better get going before Bettis and Bean find me typing this. I don't want them to start the "Jelly and Spidey sitting in a tree" song again. I mean, really, when have you seen a greyhound in a tree anyway?? BOYS!!! They are nothing like my Spidey!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Jelly Reveals All

In an effort to not cause a rush to adopt me, I, Jelly was holding a few things back. I have decided I have graced my foster family with my presence long enough and it is time to reveal all (okay, this picture may reveal a little more of me than most would like to see, but I really needed my belly rubbed)! So, here it goes, my big revelation...I AM A PRINCESS!! I realize that the phone is probably going to ring off the hook with people clamoring to get me which is great, but I am going to have to trust that my foster parents will screen people carefully to ensure that my lifestyle won't be cramped. First, I do require a nice cushy bed. The royal red that I am on in the picture is quite appropriate. I require at least one person to rub my belly daily. I do require a periodic stroll or a yard to get a bit of royal exercise. I also require my daily cuisine delivered to me. So, make your calls and get screened to determine whether you are worthy to obtain me, Princess Jelly and you just may receive the Princess Jelly kisses that I give as pay. (Note from foster mom: Jelly will reward you with kisses and really isn't as pretentious as she sounds...Although, she is a little princess.)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Old my @#$%!!!

Bean, here! Oops, I guess I am not allowed to use the bad word on my blog. My foster mom "Bleeped" me. I just want everyone to know I am not old-. I am just more experienced at dealing with my humans and giving them unconditional love and attention. Have you ever met an old guy that is technologically saavy enough to keep up a blog? I bounce a lot to keep myself fit. That being said, I am still too fast for my foster mom to catch me with the camera even though she wanted me to bounce for it. This is me playing keep away from the camera and a little game of tag with Jelly. Check out how nimble this "old" guy is!!