Thursday, April 24, 2008

SFM age 9.5

So I did some surfing today while my foster mom was at work and realized I am going about this trying to find a home thing in all the wrong ways. I went on and I think I figured it out. Here it goes:

"Single Fawn male, 9.5, seeks family of at least one. Gender not important. Prefer older mature children and like companions of a canine persuasion. I am a former star athlete who has kept my slim figure. I am rich with unconditional love that I would love to share with you. Call me if you would like to take long walks in the park and gaze lovingly into my deep brown eyes while cuddling with me in the evenings. Still a pup at heart, I love to play, yet I'm mature enough to take time to smell the roses. Sophisticated, sleek, and of Egyptian descent, a handsome man like me does not come along every day. Contact me at if you would like to see if we are a match made in heaven.

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