Monday, April 21, 2008

Healthy as a greyhound!

Hi Everyone, Bean here. Well, now that my buddy, Jelly, has gone home, I can finally get a word in edgewise. Boy does that girl like to blog!!! First of all, this is not me in the picture. I would never let anyone do that to me! That is my foster brother, Bettis as he celebrated his 9th birthday at Dewey on April 11th. So, why did I post his picture? Well, let me tell you! I turn 10 in July. Know how many medications I am on? ZERO!!!! I am healthy as an ox...I mean greyhound. Know how many Bettis is on? MORE THAN I CAN COUNT!!! So, what does that say about me? I am much better than those young guys and I am just like a fine wine-getting better with age. So, "How am I doing without Jelly?" is the common question I get these days. Well, I am really branching out on my own. I got to stay here alone today while Bettis went to the doctor. I did just fine. I do like having a friend around, but I can handle anything!! And, while I was at the meet and greet on Saturday, I met a black lab named Sunshine and really liked him. I truly like pretty much everyone, especially of the canine persuasion, with some time to get used to them. On the way home from the meet and greet, I got the whole back of the car all to myself, so I took advantage and stretched my legs out as far as I could! You know how someone said I was a nervous pup? Well, last night it stormed here and I did not even flinch. Would a nervous pup do that? I think not!! You know what else? When it rains, I do not hesitate to go outside and do my business. My foster mom says that she thinks I may be even more perfect than Jelly Roll. You know what? I think she is right!!!! So, the perfect Mr. Bean, now signing off!

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