Friday, April 11, 2008

Jelly's admission- final one

For those who have been following my admissions, this will be my last one- maybe. This one is a doozy!! You see, when meal time comes, my foster mom puts out a dish for Bettis, a dish for Bean, then a dish for me. Well, I have something going for me- I am really cute and cuddly! So, I figured out that if I lay on my bed and don't go get my food, my foster mom is afraid that the boys will take my food and I won't get to eat. So, if I wait long enough, she gives me my food in bed . I have her wrapped around my little dew claw! Bad news is that she is taking Bettis with her to Dewey this weekend and my foster dad will be feeding me. He hasn't succumbed to my cuteness yet, so I don't have him wrapped around anything. I may actually have to stand up to eat for a couple of days! On a side note, my thyroid medicine is working. My T4 count is a little too high now, so they are giving me a little less medicine, but with the help of my foster mom and the medicine, I have lost 7 lbs!!! My foster mom says I need to drop another 10-15 lbs, but I am starting to look and feel a lot better. Hmmm, maybe I should start a doggie diet blog...No, not enough time in my day. After all, Spidey still needs my attention! P.S. Bettis turned 9 today. We got some canned food to celebrate...YUM!!!

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