Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Ollie here.  Today is a snow day!!!  That means my human foster boy is home from school and he can play with me and Rainbow.  I love the snow and I love doing zoomies in it.  Just watch my tail wag even when I get snow kicked in my face.  After that, though, I love to come inside and lay on the couch and cuddle up nice and warm.  My foster mom says that some day I will have someone that loves to cuddle as much as I do.  She also says my manners are getting better every day!  I have been walking to school every day (but today and the weekends) and have been visiting the kids and the other dogs that take their humans to school.  That is probably the highlight of my day.  Well, followed by the long nap I get to take before I have to go back and pick up my foster brother.  Rainbow has a lot of friends and I am okay playing with them too.  I really like that the bulldog is easy to catch because he has such little legs!  I really want to find a family that will love me, so if you think that might be you, please let me know soon so I can learn your rules of the house! 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

I Like Big Pups and I Can Not Lie

After a long hiatus from taking foster dogs, Ollie is my first attempt at not failing Fostering 101.  Anyone who knows me, knows I love the big boys and Ollie is one big, gorgeous hound!  Weighing in at about 90 lbs, you would think he would be dominant, but he spent the first few days here with the 50 lb little lady of the house telling him he could not get on the couch...AND, he listened.  

Ollie is a friend to all including the small dogs in the neighborhood.  When some of the younger, yippier dogs start to annoy him, he will give them a little warning growl and walk away.  Five and a half years young, he still loves to play with stuffies and do a zoomie or two around the yard.  He is comfortable around kids of all ages and is just an easy going big boy.  His favorite things are eating and hanging out with his people.  Ollie is working on some house manners, but he would love to find a forever home so he can start to really get to know his family!