Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Abby Normal

Abby is in the house! Abby is not up to typing her own blog yet, but she is one beautiful girl.  On Saturday, she took a trip to PetSmart in Manassas to meet up with her Mama and some of her Siblings.  The pic is Abby with her Mama and a brother.  Abby is the one smack in the middle of the crowd- which, by the way is one of her favorite places to be!  Abby is young- she will be two in November and she comes with that puppy charm.  In fact, she likes to play so much that I have started calling her a Greyhound Retriever.  She loves nothing more than to chase a tennis ball and bring it back over and over again.  Abby also loves to walk to school (in a slow meandering fashion...Abby is usual not in a hurry to get anywhere) in the morning because there are so many people to greet and she gets to wag her L shaped tail in a giant helicopter motion...Sometimes we think she is about to take off!  Abby would love to be in a house with kids that want to entertain her.  She would also enjoy the company of another larger dog.  While she may be small animal and cat friendly, her frequent bouts of play may make her an accidental danger to small animals but she does enjoy having another large friend around (like another greyhound).  Abby is still learning a few manners, but she would love nothing more than to have her new family teach her these manners.  One bonus with Abby is that her Mama and litter mates have been adopted out in this area and are quite active in meet and greets and other events greyhounds show up at!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Ninja- Master of stuffies!

Hi everyone, I am Ninja...Okay, I am WW's Runnin' About but I am in a house with a ninja obsessed 6-year old.  He thought my mask looked like I was a Ninja, so there it is!  He tells me he has to figure out what my power is, but I can tell you I have a few powers!  First of all, I start off quite reserved to lull you into a sense of complacency, then I slowly sneak in and steal your stuffies, your toys, your dog beds, and most of all your heart.  That's right-- there is no way you could meet me and not fall in love.   See the basket behind me in the picture?  It was filled with stuffies- now they are all mine!  I am going to turn this over to my foster mom to tell you more about my awesomeness!

Ninja is a super sweet, cuddly pup that loves to play!  He has a pretty good amount of energy for an almost 4 year old grey, but he is more than happy to take that out on stuffies (or whatever toys are left around for him to play with!).  He is smart and learned to use a doggie door in less than 45 minutes and has not had a single accident in the house.  He is as comfortable being crated as he is being free.  He does like to counter-surf and he is still learning his leash manners- He just gets so excited!!  He likes to walk to school in the morning and visit everyone along the way and has pretty much ignored the squirrels and cats on our walks...In fact, he only seems to have a prey drive for small flying creatures that are annoying him (flies and bees!).  If you are looking for a people pleaser and a pup with a little more stamina and energy, Ninja would be more than willing to sneak in as only a Ninja can do and steal your heart!