Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I didn't go to Dewey, but...

My foster mom and Bettis went to Dewey, but Jelly and I had to stay home because there wasn't enough room in the car or hotel room for us. But guess what! They brought home new stuffies!!!! I do not like the monkey because it screams at me and I am a bit of a sensitive soul. The duck that grunts is kind of fun, though. Well, after being here for a couple of months and doing some training, I decided to try a game of fetch with the duck. I was really good!!! My foster mom threw the duck and I went and got it. I approached it with respect and play bowed to it before I pounced on it and began running laps with it. Who said I was old? Then Jelly got into the game and she chased me trying to steal the duck (I guess it became a game of keep away). Now, let me tell you something about Jelly that she won't tell you. See what I was doing afterward...I was wide awake taking in the world. Guess what Jelly was doing. I'll give you a hint: ZZZZZZZZZZZZ. You guessed it...That young buck was sound asleep. I guess all of my training has paid off and I am in shape again. Don't tell the track that, though. I prefer the cuddling I get in a home- my foster mom says that I will get cuddling in my forever home soon. I think I will take that nap now and dream of my forever home. Bean signing off...ZZZZZZZZZ.

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