Sunday, April 6, 2008

Jelly Reveals All

In an effort to not cause a rush to adopt me, I, Jelly was holding a few things back. I have decided I have graced my foster family with my presence long enough and it is time to reveal all (okay, this picture may reveal a little more of me than most would like to see, but I really needed my belly rubbed)! So, here it goes, my big revelation...I AM A PRINCESS!! I realize that the phone is probably going to ring off the hook with people clamoring to get me which is great, but I am going to have to trust that my foster parents will screen people carefully to ensure that my lifestyle won't be cramped. First, I do require a nice cushy bed. The royal red that I am on in the picture is quite appropriate. I require at least one person to rub my belly daily. I do require a periodic stroll or a yard to get a bit of royal exercise. I also require my daily cuisine delivered to me. So, make your calls and get screened to determine whether you are worthy to obtain me, Princess Jelly and you just may receive the Princess Jelly kisses that I give as pay. (Note from foster mom: Jelly will reward you with kisses and really isn't as pretentious as she sounds...Although, she is a little princess.)

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