Saturday, May 3, 2008

Nails done, Hair combed, and out I go!

I knew today was going to be special from the moment I woke up! My foster mom took me outside and brushed me and gave me a massage. Ooooh how I love to be brushed. Thank goodness I can trust my foster mom or I would have fell right over I was leaning on her so hard. Then (after she brushed Bettis, too), she trimmed my nails. I looked so debonair...Just look at me!!! As the finishing touch, she took this stuff she called toothpaste and put it on something on her finger and brushed my teeth. I know a lot of people say this, and you can call me crazy if you want, but the toothpaste really tastes like Chicken!! I couldn't believe it!!! Guess where I went after I was all gussied up! I went to the Meet & Greet today. I got to meet some of my fans today and see Agent (I am pretty sweet on her- she is a blue greyhound and a little bit older than me. I think she likes me, too). Well, I am going to go back and look in the mirror at how handsome I am. I have to say, my foster mom is completely right...I am a handsome prince!

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