Friday, August 23, 2013

Smooches for you...(I hope!)

Hi there!  Allow me to introduce myself:  I am Smooch.  Yes, it has been brought to my attention that it is not a very manly name, but when you are my size, it doesn't matter what anyone calls you.  I am a big boy but I am just as sweet as smooches!!!  Please forgive the picture my foster mom took.  She claims I am hard to get a picture of.  I MAY be a bit curious and she MAY have a lot of pictures of my nose!  So, a little bit about me.  I have not been off the track long and I am only 2.  I love kids, at first, but I am a little nervous about how loud they can be.  My foster brother taught me that when he began banging his drum set.  If you have some older calmer kids, I would probably really enjoy that (of course, I am still learning, but my three year old foster brother is too much for me right now).  That being said, I do not snap at my foster brother or confront him with his loudness, I just go hide in my foster parents bedroom.  They say I have been pretty much perfect since I have been here.  I am very quiet and I sleep through the night.  I am learning some manners like not trying to take food from my foster brother and keeping my nose off the table and the counters, but I've been told I am a quick study.  I can be a little stubborn, so it is a good idea for me to have someone around that is more stubborn than I am and is willing to be the alpha dog.  Ummm, I hate to be imposing, but my foster brother is driving me crazy, so I would really appreciate if someone would come take me home soon!!!  My foster parents bedroom is nice, but I would really like to hang out with people. 

P.S.  I don't give smooches, but I love smooches and I LOVE when my people lay down next to me and rub my ears...Puts me right to sleep!

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