Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hawkeye gets the girl...and a new home!

Well, here it is, I got a new home. These nice people came over and brought a beautiful young girl named Peanut. Peanut is young and has a lot of spunk. As you might guess, I love that!! I tried to play with her, but got told to stop. Something about me being too big to race in the house! Anyway, I am very happy with my new people and sister, too. I can't wait to race her around my new backyard. I also heard a little rumor that I am allowed on the couch at my new home. I think I'm gonna like this place! Hawkeye out!!


alex said...

And what a lovely couple they make.
Congratulations Hawkeye, enjoy that couch!

Stowe and Maria said...

Ha, Peanut..that is fantastic! Peanut was our foster a little while back! Peanut is a fantastic greyhound and Red Hawk is going to have a terrific time with her. Congrats to you Red Hawk!