Friday, July 10, 2009

What about Bob?

It turns out that Ovie was actually Bob all along! Ovie went home yesterday to a couple that was overcome by his playful, loving attitude and wonderful ability to listen to commands and willingness to learn! When Ovie came off the track, the handlers were calling him Bob. He got renamed in his first home. Without knowing he was Bob before, his new family thought Bob was a fitting name. Guess he was Bob all along!! Bob's first report back was that he was slowly adjusting and slept through the night! Bob found his perfect forever home!!


Anonymous said...

Yay, Bob!! I might have gone for Geno or Sidney, though. We thought that Ovie name was holding him back anyway... What an honor to be foster guests of such a loving, beautiful dog. Good luck, Bob, we're so proud of you! Samm & Christian

alex said...

Congrats Bob! Good luck to you and your new family.