Sunday, July 5, 2009

Not your usual boring greyhound

So I've heard the rumors about how greyhounds are supposed to be. While I have some of the normal greyhound characteristics, I am definitely not your usual boring greyhound. You see, I have a personality. Bettis is older, so he just lays around and I have fun. Some of my routines are cleaning out the stuffie toy box. Yep, I have to play with every stuffie every day!! We wouldn't want any of them to feel slighted. I also help my foster parents when they are on the computer. I stand with my head on the desk and proof read what they are typing. My human foster sister loves me very much because I make sure she knows I love her by following her around when she is here. Like a typical greyhound, I have bursts of energy, then have to rest. While I am resting I like nothing better than to cuddle with my people. I will cover them in kisses if they will let me!! I do get scared sometimes. I don't like vacuum cleaners and cleaning supplies much. I also don't like people to jump at me. I run away. I try to be brave and come check some of these things out if my foster parents are with me, but the sounds of appliances scare me a bit. I am learning manners. My foster mom says that even though she has not spent a lot of time on this, I am a quick study. I get very excited when my people come home and she is teaching me it is better to lay down and wiggle until they come to see me than to jump on them and get in trouble. It is really hard to lay there when people come in, but I am learning. Oh, one other thing- when my people come anywhere near me my tail begins to wag even if they aren't coming to pet me. I figure if I am adorable enough, they will stop and give me a belly rub along the way. It works pretty well, because as my foster mom says, I am an adorable love bug!!!

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