Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ovie the top

Good morning! So my foster mom thought Ovie the top was cute...Get it? Over the top. Yeah, I thought it was pretty off the wall, too! So, a little about me...I am Ovie and I turn 2 next month. I am very sweet and lovable- Just ask me!! Don't tell Bettis (my foster brother), but my foster mom says I am one of the most beautiful brindles she has ever met. I would have to agree! Some of the things we have discovered is that I HATE the crate and should not be contained. I do well when left at home with my foster brother, but I am still learning my manners. I love to go for walks and lay on the couch and cuddle with my people!! That is all I want in life. My foster mom says I am probably not a good fit for young kids, but I would love older kids that want to play with me. I don't really need a yard as long as my people want to take me for walks. I don't really like going outside alone anyway. Well, as I "blossom", I will let you know how things are going!!!

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