Friday, February 20, 2009

The things an old man taught me...

Guess what!! Last night I overheard my foster mom on the phone. I think someone wants me!!! They are going to come take me home on Sunday. Well, they are going to come meet me on Sunday and I am sure they won't be able to resist me. I am adorable, you know. So last night, Bettis and I laid down (he is the old guy in the front) and had a little chat about what it is to be a pet greyhound. He said he was a lot like me years ago. After his chat, I think I get it now!!! He told me to enjoy the time I am young, so I started doing that. I run around and test out everything. You would not believe the amount of things you can play with in the world!! Then, he told me to trust my humans. They won't hurt me!! He is right!! So, I now have a confidence like you would not believe. Then, he told me to take my time going up the stairs. So, I slowed down and took my time and guess what...I am an expert at the stairs, now! You know, for an old guy, Bettis is not too bad even though he does take some of my attention away. My foster mom says I am a totally different pup than what arrived at their house on Sunday. I am confident, assured, and acting like a puppy should act! She also said I am an attention hound. I think she may need some glasses, because I am definitely a greyhound!! I'll let you know how it goes on Sunday. I am thinking about getting my nails done for the occasion! What do you think?

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