Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Won't you be my Valentine?

Hi there! My name is Jelly and I want you to be my Valentine. I know, you are used to Michelle writing wonderful things about us pups, but she said she is either going to write about us or play with us and she hasn't had time to do both. Frankly, I prefer her playing with us, so I figured I would help out by posting here.
My brother, Bean (he is the one on the right in the picture. I am the pretty one on the left!) and I fell on some hard times when our owners decided to return us. We really didn't do anything wrong. They just didn't want us anymore. My foster mom says that we are wonderful dogs with very good manners. We don't countersurf, we are housebroken, we don't beg for your dinner, we won't jump on your guests, we won't bark all night, we don't bite, and we love to be cuddled. Did I mention that we will sing if Bettis starts singing first?
Now for specifics. I love my brother. He was named Bean because I was named Jelly...Get it? Mr. Bean is a sweet boy that had to have 19 teeth pulled when he came back. He can now eat crunchy food again, but I don't know how! He still has trouble taking treats sometimes because they slide right out of the side of his mouth. Don't tell him, but I laugh to myself when that happens. Mr. Bean will smile sometimes, too- A big toothless grin- when he is happy. He is almost 10 years old, but he stll likes to romp around outside. Mr. Bean is a little nervous and, while I am sure he would rather have me, if he can't have me to help him not be scared, he would really like to be with another greyhound. He learns to trust in time, but wants someone willing to give him some time to be comfortable.
Now for yours truly! Like I said, my name is Jelly. I know it is a weird name for a dog, but it was part of my racing name. My foster mom calls me Jelly Roll because she says I am a little portly (whatever that means). Maybe that is why she tells me not to eat the other dogs' food? I LOVE TO PLAY! I will grab a stuffie as soon as I get up in the morning and play with it. When I go outside, I grab a stuffie and run outside with it to play fetch. When my people come home, I get excited and grab a stuffie. Sometimes I even race after Bettis to try to grab the stuffie out of his mouth! I like having a friend, but I would probably be just fine as an only dog. Did I mention I really love my brother, Mr. Bean, though?
Well, enough of tooting my own horn (and Mr. Bean's, too). I know how much my foster mom loves us and I am sure she will tell more stories about us as long as we stay here! We would really like to find our Valentine and be home with them for Valentine's day, though!

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