Sunday, January 27, 2008

Corn- It's not just a vegetable

Meet Pekaboo. He is a beautiful, dark brindle, retired greyhound that had an impressive track record. In spite of his sweet, yet dopey personality, he was bounced around from home to home. When he finally made it to his forever home, he developed a limp that got more severe with time. After many visits to the vet's office, many x-rays, a misdiagnosis of a torn ACL, a trip to Virginia Tech Vet school to get the ACL repaired only to have them diagnose a sprain, and many pain killers, the problem was finally confirmed at Dewey Beach when the Thera-paw lady pointed out the corn on his pad. The corn continued to grow until it was a small lump protruding from the pad (See the picture to the left). These are common among greyhounds, but almost non-existent among other breeds. Many vets will not touch them and the testimonials of many greyhound owners will tell you that removal will only see the corn returning over and over again. As you can see on Pekaboo's corn, it was protruding far above the surface and was akin to walking on a small pebble. He had a severe limp. Today, we used a dremel and dremeled the corn to below the surface. While it probably felt pretty weird to him to have this instrument vibrating his foot, it did not cause him pain. The ending result was the picture to the right. The hole in his pad may look extreme, but we just barely breached the surface of the pad. Once we completed this, we added some Dr. Scholls corn remover and will continue to do so for the next few days. We will continue to keep you posted on Pekaboo and will hopefully see some improvement in the near future! (Note: Just a side note that the Therapaw provides great relief. You can also find more information on corns on the therapaw site).


krista grefe said...

Hi there-- I have a greyhound from Darlene's rescue group and am thinking about becoming a foster parent. I was wondering if you would have time to email me about the positives/negatives of having more than 1 grey? We have a mutt and 2 cats, so I am ok with multiple animals. I just need some "nuts and bolts" advice about how you deal with sleeping habits, feeding, walks, etc. I am sure you are busy-- I appreciate any time you can spare me! Thanks-- Krista Grefe

Dan said...

Our grey also has a corn issue. There is some information on the web indicating that applying the cold sore remedy "Abreva" (an anti-viral agent) helps slow the rate of recurrence. We've been applying Abreva after dremeling the corn down and it seems to have slowed the rate of the corn growth, and the reccurance of the limp takes a month, instead of a week. A little tube of cream costs a bit over $10 and has lasted for about 2 months of usage.