Sunday, January 20, 2008

How to tell a greyhound is at his forever home

Mischief (left) and Nan (right) came to me a bit confused. Mischief's littermate, Mikey, was taken from them and went back to the group he was adopted from. Their human family split in two by divorce, Mischief and Nan came to stay at my house. Nan quickly found her forever home and became a surprise Christmas present. Mischief found his forever home shortly thereafter and after a visit to his new home confirmed that he would be perfectly happy as the only canine brother to two human sisters, a human brother, a Mom and Dad, a gerbil and an AWESOME squeaky toy that moved on it's own called a guinea pig!!! After realizing his "love" for the guinea pig, Mischief's family knew that the two could never meet. Well, approximately a week after Mischief's "gotcha day," a slip up occurred and Mischief did meet the guinea pig. Not one for the gory details, let's just say that this was a tale of fatal attraction for the guinea pig. Even though Mischief was responsible for the "break up," his family forgave the love affair gone bad and still loves Mischief and plans to keep him...That is how you know a greyhound is at his forever home!!!

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