Friday, January 25, 2008

Jelly, Beans, and Teeth

No, I did not make a mistake by adding a comma in the middle of Jelly Beans. While Jelly Beans may be detrimental to human teeth, not caring for your greyhound's teeth may be detrimental to your greyhound. This is the story of my newest foster dogs, Jelly and Bean. Jelly and Bean were returned with very bad doggie breath and in severe need of a dental cleaning. Bean would not let anyone even touch his face. Well, if your mouth was harboring what Jelly's and Bean's mouth was harboring, you would not let your face be touched and would probably be much grouchier than these two were. Take one look at the picture, then ask yourself if you would want 19 of your teeth pulled because you didn't brush them (Bean had 19 teeth pulled and Jelly lost 3). If you can say no, then follow these simple tips and you can help avoid this in your pup: 1)Grab the doggie toothpaste and a toothbrush and make sure you visit your greyhound's mouth with it at least weekly. If your pup has bad teeth, try a little more often. 2) If your pup has bad breath, chances are he/she has a bad tooth. Regular vet visits and periodic cleanings (at your vet's recommendation) will help with this. 3) Feed your pup some dentabones, greenies, rawhides or other treats that will help keep their teeth clean. Aside from keeping your dog's breath fresh, it could also save their life. Many mouth bacteria can affect a dog's system (just like humans) and cause them to have life threatening problems (like heart disease). Please take the time to make your pups teeth a priority. They will thank you with fresh breath and doggie kisses!

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