Monday, January 21, 2008

Foster Brother Extraordinaire

When Bettis arrived at our house in 2003, he had met a rough patch in his life. We had met a rough patch in our life as well. We had just lost our greyhound, Highway, to bone cancer one month prior. Bettis was being returned and the wonderful people with Greyhound Rescue knew my weakness for the male brindles. We agreed to take him site unseen but we were about to go on vacation so he went to a foster home for a week and we picked him up on a warm August day. It didn't take long to figure out he was returned due to a nasty streak. Four years later, with lots of love, we have a wonderful, mild mannered greyhound, that has been described by some as the "perfect greyhound". He is pretty sweet as long as you don't leave food on the countertops or a garbage can he can get into! Anyway, after seeing how a foster home works, we decided Bettis needed a friend but we wanted to "test" them out by fostering ourselves. Bettis readily agreed to this and has welcomed every pup into the house since and teaches them how to be a pet. Funny, though, we haven't found the one to adopt yet. We like them all, so this fostering thing may just go on forever!!!

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