Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The disadvantages to being tall

Some may believe that being tall and skinny is an advantage to a greyhound. While racing, their long, skinny legs truly carry them to great achievements. As a house pet, their stature can sometimes get them into trouble. Unfortunately, the long, skinny legs put a greyhound's long, skinny nose at countertop level. This leads to unbearable temptations to surf that nose right across the countertop and glean any morsel of food that smells good. Bettis LOVES to countersurf and his successful surfing even helped the family relive The Christmas Story when he managed to "acquire" the Christmas roast one year (trust me, this did not go over very well)! While there are some greyhounds that never touch a thing on the countertops, Bettis is not one of them! Today, I made the mistake of cleaning out the pantry and leaving some stuff on the countertops while we ran out. While the lack of opposable thumbs caused a little sanfu in his plans, Bettis attempted to cook up a little dinner while we were gone. Apparently the combination of bread crumbs and chai tea mix was not as appealing as it originally sounded. He was very upset by the crumbs that "somebody" left on his bed, as you can see.

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LuvHoundz said...

He is still the perfect greyhound to me.