Sunday, February 3, 2008

Superbowl Sunday has gone to the dogs!

What happens when a professional photographer volunteers to take a picture of rescued greyhounds on Superbowl Sunday? You end up with a house full of greyhounds and Superbowl Sunday has gone to the dogs.

Today Paul Ebelein, a professional photographer, volunteered to take pictures of retired racers that have found homes. As you can see by Thunder on the left, he does amazing work. 19 greyhounds and 3 pups that thought that they were greyhounds showed up for a day of fun and photographs. Armed with squeakers, squawkers, toys, and treats, we desperately attempted to get the dogs to lay and "smile" for the camera. Thunder and Sophie took the award for the most seasoned professionals while the party girl Delila just wanted to party with no photos of her fun. Jelly wanted to boss everyone around and ended up muzzled a lot of the day and Bean, who is supposed to be shy, became the official greeter. Girl Bear had the biggest smile of all and Tiffany just wanted nothing to do with it. Austin, the non-grey, took the prize (along with Sophie) as the most well behaved on the photo platform. All in all, it was a fun day that ended well before kick-off. Let's hope the success of the photo shoot is shared by the Giants!! Email me for Paul's information if you would like to have a photo shoot of your pup!

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