Monday, February 25, 2008

The Breakout

Coming to you straight from the scene of the crime, this is Bettis, the crime dog. Okay, maybe it isn't as catchy as McGruff, but I'm not Irish, so that name didn't really fit me! Anyway, I have to tell you what my foster sister, Jelly, did today while my mom and dad were away. As you can imagine, I am in charge of making sure things are going smoothly when my parents go to work. I even have a doggie door to make sure the squirrels and cats don't mess with anything in the yard. Well, Jelly and Bean are really well behaved, so I don't have much work to do. (Don't tell my mom and dad this, but they are better behaved than I am. Boy do I hope they don't read this...). Anyway, Bean is like Goldilocks in a way. He doesn't want too much space when his people are away, but he doesn't want to be put in a crate (lots of pups actually like those) and have too little space! So, my parents compromise and when the last of them leaves, they give Bean a space that is just right. He spends the day in our bedroom with a baby gate so he can still see us if he gets lonely (yes, we all sleep in one bedroom, but I am thinking about asking for my own one of these days). Well, Jelly wanted to go in there, too. So finally, dad gave in and let Jelly stay with Bean in the room. Apparently, Jelly had some ulterior motives. I knew I was going to be in trouble for this one, but mom came home to three dogs greeting her when she opened the door. (I broke my little white, fluffy cousin, Skippy out once when everyone left us at home alone so I figured I would be the likely suspect). Anyway, it's a good thing that mom is smart enough to look at the baby gate and tell which way it fell, so she guessed right away that it wasn't my fault this time. Just to make sure, I waited at the gate outside to tell her but I don't think she knew what I was saying. I don't think it is really fair, though. No one got in trouble because mom said that Bean would have liked his little space better, but that she doesn't mind getting many greyhound hugs and kisses when she comes home from work. That's a good thing because Jelly, Bean and I have lots of hugs and kisses to give her when she comes home. Well, I better go check on Jelly and Bean. I think they are doing what they do best which is sleeping! Check back and see if they have found homes. Someone is going to get really lucky if they get to have these two. I barely have to watch them at all!

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Diane said...

Enjoyed the comments regarding fostering. I'm also not a good foster parent/mom. I've had three fosters and am working hard at fostering this fourth boy. I have two of my own greys and a maltese/rescue also. And, I agree, the hallways are way too narrow. Well, we are in SW Florida and happy with this forever home we all retired to, me included.
Nice site, glad I found it while I was googling for squawkers.