Sunday, March 2, 2008

Small successes

Valentines day has come and gone and Jelly and Bean are now realizing that Jelly Beans are for Easter. These two are the sweetest Jelly (and) Beans around, and whoever gets them will have their sweetness around for a long time. Well, the blog was titled small successes. We had several of them this week. As you can see, Jelly found a new toy to play with. (I think we mentioned previously that she is prone to stuffed animal thievery). It seems that she found the duck in a rabbit disguise just in time for Easter. The funny thing about this duck/ rabbit is that it giggles and shakes (similar to tickle me Elmo) when you press the right spot on it's tummy, then pauses, then starts again and finishes out by saying "that tickles." Well, the "spooky" dog Bean decided to play with the duck/ rabbit. As soon as it started to shake, he jumped back and stared at it. Then it paused and he went back up to it. Just as he grabbed it, it started again. He jumped back again. This time, when the duck/rabbit finished off with a "that tickles," Bean cocked his head and tried to figure out what it was saying to him. Well, apparently my "spooky" pup was not spooked by this as he repeated the above routine approximately 5 times in a row. The next day, it began again!!
As for Jelly, I know it is hard to believe she does anything because every picture is of her sound asleep. Yes, that is pretty much what she does- Sleeps, eats, sleeps, steals stuffies, sleeps, gives her people kisses, sleeps, and will roll over on her back for a belly rub sometimes- did I mention she sleeps? Jelly's success came this morning. I ran out to pick something up and came home to find Bettis in the backyard. This is not unusual as he has a doggie door. However, I could hear Jelly in the backyard crying. I ran inside and, after chastising my husband for letting her out and forgetting to let her back in, I found out that she let herself out (yes, I had to apologize to hubby, too). One part down, she just has to figure out the getting back inside part!!! By the way, apparently Jelly is pretty smart as we have not taught her how to use the door at all. She just figured it out by watching Bettis, I guess!

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