Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Jelly and the Little Purple Pill (aka update on her thyroid)

I mentioned several blogs ago that we discovered Jelly had low thyroid levels and that I would update you in a couple of weeks on how she was reacting to the new meds (aka "the little purple pill", hence the title). Wait till you see this little girl. Just take a look at her now! Just look at the energy radiating from her face! Her eyes are almost open here. Okay, so she is still very lazy and laid back, but she is starting to show a difference. Before the meds, she would drag behind in every walk and I almost had to pull her along. Now she keeps right up with the boys. She also attempts to inspect every drain pipe for the creatures that live in there. Her walks have taken on a new life for her. She also seems to be awake a little bit more. Okay, not much, but if you are around her all the time, you would see the difference. Now, I am about to say something that no one has ever heard me claim about a dog before. I usually like to give everyone the vices of the greyhound they are about to own, but with Jelly, I have not found a vice yet. She is intelligent, obedient, loving, and the absolute perfect greyhound. The squirrels in the backyard may tell you she has a vice as would any small, fuzzy animal, but she is trained to chase them, so you can't blame her there. One little story about Jelly will tell you how good she really is. I usually choose to open a pup's mouth and put a pill down their throat rather than try to trick them into taking it. It goes faster and usually they don't know what hit them. After a couple of times, they figure it out and will get away as fast as possible when they know I am coming with the bottle of pills. For Jelly, this is not the case. She has realized that after she eats she gets a thyroid pill pushed down her throat. Instead of running away, she finishes her bowl of food, then she walks into the kitchen and stands and waits until I give her the pill. If I forget, she will follow me until I do give it to her. Once I am done, I give her a quick pet on the belly and she gives me a Jelly kiss on the chin and goes and lays down. What more can you ask for, a pup that is responsible for her own medicine? Jelly is an awesome pup, you should come check her and Bean out. You may just find yourself walking away with Jelly and Bean!

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