Monday, March 17, 2008

Escape attempt?

After reading the Greyhound Rescue listing on Jelly and Bean, it has come to my attention that there is an escape attempt planned. This wouldn't be so worrisome if Mischief (see the first blog entry) was not back to celebrate St. Patty's day while his family is away. During his days in the "foster system", Mischief, together with his buddy Nan, escaped two times and nearly ended up in doggie jail one of those times. Fortunately my pitiful pleading with the dog catcher resulted in them spending only a short time in the cold, steel cages of the dog catcher's van as opposed to days at the shelter. Anyway, it seems that Jelly and Bean have brought in the expert on how to escape. In their defense, I'm sure it is a little unnerving to be a "foster dog" for a long time. I would implore anyone out there reading this to help keep Jelly and Bean "Off the Streets". I only hope that their escape attempts land them directly in a forever home!

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