Thursday, March 6, 2008

Poor Jelly (aka confessions of a guilty conscience)

It only takes a short journey back into previous blogs to find the statements that are sparking this confession. I believe I have used the word "chubby" in reference to my foster dog Jelly. I may have also been guilty of calling her "a rug that I have to feed." There may have been times that I have told her she was the laziest greyhound I have ever met (and for anyone who knows greyhounds, that is pretty lazy). I believe the words "fattest greyhound I have ever met" may have escaped from my lips, too. So, to my little Jelly Roll (yes, I call her that, too) I am so sorry to have called you all those names and referenced your heftiness in such a negative light. Many of you may wonder what brought on this sudden wave of guilt. All I can say is that medical records and blood work make a huge difference. Poor Jelly seems to have a hypoactive thyroid. Never fear, though, meds are on the way and you will get a bit of a journey with her on her way to becoming healthy. Fortunately for me, Miss Jelly Roll is willing to forgive my cruel comments for a good belly rub and an extra chicken tender treat. Check back in a few days and see how Jelly is making out with her new meds (which will most likely arrive on Monday). I guess I should enjoy the sleepy Jelly while she lasts!

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