Sunday, February 24, 2008

Bean sings the blues for his forever home.

Hi there, this is Bean again. I have been at my foster home for several weeks now and I am very sad that no one wants me (even my font is blue). My foster mom and dad say I can stay until my luck gets better and they really love me a lot, but I know that there are other dogs still in the kennel waiting for foster homes. This is why sometimes I get my foster dad to play the piano and my foster brother, Bettis, to sing the blues with me. The song I am singing in the video below goes like this:

"I'm so bluuuuuuueee, that's why I roooooooo. I want a hoooommmmme- to go home with youuuuu. I'd be so happy if Jelly came, tooooooo, but forever is what I want from youuuuuuuu."


stowe and maria said...

That is way too funny!I have been keeping up with your blog every day and love to hear how Jelly and Bean are doing. Thank you for taking such good care of them. I am looking forward to checking in one day and finding out that they have been adopted.

Hounds4me said...

I have had the pleseure of meeting Mr. Bean and Ms. Jelly Roll. If my husband had not told me that I could not have anymore greyhounds (I can't believe he thinks two is enough), I would have taken these two home with me. They are so sweet and love to cuddle. Mr. Bean always makes sure I am properly greeted when I stop by and makes sure my visit is a pleasant one. Jelly also makes sure I get attention while I visit (even though I think it is more than she gets the attention). These two are such good pups. Please, if you can, give these two wonderful hounds a forever home.