Friday, February 8, 2008

Beans are good for you!

Hi there, This is Bean. I figured I better get on here and take a turn telling you about me. My sister wrote some crazy things. I can't believe she laughs at me! I am what they consider a "senior", but I have to tell you I am young at heart and I love EVERYONE! My foster family had a little shindig last week and I greeted every person and dog that showed up. What a great day. I just love a party! At the end of the party, I got to show off my lovely singing voice when my foster dad played the piano for a bit. Like was said earlier in this blog, I lost 19 teeth. Those were pretty disgusting, huh? They hurt pretty bad, so I wasn't the happiest dog in the world then. Now, that they are out of my mouth, though, I love to lay on my bed, basking in the sunlight, and chew on a rawhide. Yes, I still have enough teeth to chew on rawhides, thank you! My foster mom does tell me that I have very good manners. I don't countersurf, I don't get on the furniture, and I am housebroken. I don't growl or bite, either, and I am very good on walks. I love to be petted and scratched and I love to eat!!! I am starting to wonder if my "senior" status is going to hold me back from a home forever. I like my foster home, but there are other dogs that need to come here, too and there is only so much room. It really isn't my fault that my family gave me up in my golden years. Please think about me and my sister, Jelly (I would really like to have Jelly with me, too. She gives me lots of confidence!), when you are considering a greyhound. I promise to give you the best years of my life and the best of yours, too! Remember, Bean(me) is good for you!

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