Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Jackie with an "eye"

Hi, I'm Jackie with an eye.  My foster mom is good about taking pictures with my good side forward, but if she posted one of the other side, you would see I am missing an eye.  My short life of six years has been one bad break after another.  So it started with losing a toe somewhere along the way.  It didn't just fall off, but I am not telling that story!  Then, in my first home, a cat decided to take advantage of my good nature and scratched my eye.  It got infected and when they couldn't get it to heal, they ended up taking it out.  Then a couple of years ago, one of my owners got very sick and I couldn't be cared for appropriately.  My owners were very sad, but they let me go because they loved me so much!  My foster mom told me to settle in because dogs like me take a while to adopt.   She said people are less likely to take a dog that is not perfect (she told me I was perfect to her, though, so I was thinking about staying!).  However, someone happened along that thought I was perfect just as I was!  He took me and trained me and made me even better than I was before.  Then another round of bad luck hit me and my owner lost his job and couldn't afford to keep me.  So, I am back with my foster mom trying once again to find that forever home.  I know I am not physically perfect and I have a hard time trusting (but who wouldn't after all I have been through!).  But, when I figure out the way things work and I begin to trust you, you will have the most loyal, loving girl in the world.  I love getting all the attention and I am very dominant, so I might be better off by myself or even maybe a male greyhound would be a good fit.  I have lived with cats (yeah, remember the eye??) so I am cat safe.  I sleep very sound and usually sleep on my good eye so I can't see.  That makes me not as good of a fit for little kids that may not know to "let sleeping dogs lie," but I would be very happy to be with older kids who are dog savvy.  I would really like to get on with my life in a FOREVER home. I just hope there is someone out there who is willing to accept me as I am and love me for who I am.

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