Thursday, June 4, 2015

Rain, Rain Go Away. Little Jackie wants to Play!

Yes, Jackie does want to play!  Jackie is full of so much energy, you tend to forget about her "disabilities."  That being said, you can play some pretty cruel jokes on a dog missing an eye!  Call her name then stand on the side with the missing eye when she runs into the room.  She will completely miss you if you don't move!  Or, throw a toy on the side with the bad eye and she will not know you threw it!   Okay, so maybe a little mean, but Jackie is so good-natured she takes it in stride and if she could laugh, would probably tell the jokes on herself!  Jackie went to obedience school with her previous owner and is very well behaved now.  If she forgets and starts jumping when you come in the door, a simple hand in the air and "down" will cause Jackie to sit and wait for your attention.  Jackie is one of those rare greyhounds that would love to chase a ball around...In fact, yesterday she managed to deflate a small soccer ball that was left out where it shouldn't have been (as you can see in the video)!   If you are looking for a sweet girl that may have a hard time finding a home, but has lots of energy and love to give, Jackie is your girl!!

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