Friday, June 12, 2015

All I want to do is catch a few rays!

All I want to do is go out and sunbathe.  Why doesn't anyone understand me?  I ask my foster mom to take me out and she walks me around a bit.  When I find the perfect sunny spot, I lay down.  Doesn't matter whose yard it is, it just has to have some sun rays!  Unfortunately, there is nowhere here where I can hang out in the rays without the risk of running around, so I can only do this on walks and for some reason no one wants to stand by while I catch some rays!  My foster mom says I will get a weird tan with the cast...Ummm, does she understand I am a black dog and you won't see it anyway??  DUH!!!!  Don't worry, I mess with her, though.  When she says come on, I fall over like I can't get up...My poor leg.  However, when I know Ginger has food left in her bowl and I have finished mine, I am the fastest tripod around!  By the way, The muzzle is just on me so I don't lick my cast.  I am not vicious!!