Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Jackie catches a break

Nope, Jackie didn't catch the kind of break that gets her a forever home.  Jackie got another kind of break...A broken toe!  Of course, with a broken front toe, Jackie had a hard time typing, so I will type for her.  How does a broken toe happen, you ask?  Well, we are not sure of anything more than Jackie was chasing a tennis ball and started yelping and after a visit to the vet's office we found a broken and dislocated toe.  Jackie, in her usual manner, has found some bright sides.  First, all the neighbors stop and ask what happened and give her extra attention because they feel bad for her.  Second, when she gets tired on a walk and lays down to soak up some rays in someones yard, I pick up all 80 lbs of her and carry her back home (Good thing I was a Marine!).  Third, everyone is extra careful around her so there is no bumping into her or annoying her with the crazy tricks that people used to play on the one-eyed dog.  And last but not least, she feels she looks really good in purple!  Jackie is seeing this as a little bit of an inconvenience, but is tolerating the treatment and enjoying the attention.  She did ask that I let you all know that her treatment is expensive even with the awesome discount (and care) at Town and Country Animal Hospital  in Fairfax, VA and Columbia Pike Animal Hospital in Annandale, VA, but if you would like to help Greyhound Rescue, Inc. cover her bill, she would be glad to be called a tax deduction.  You can donate here via PayPal or other means.  If you aren't able to give, if nothing else, when you shop at Amazon, register Greyhound Rescue, Inc. at http://smile.amazon.com/ and you can then feel good as you shop because 0.5% of your purchase price will go to Greyhound Rescue...Jackie loves a good excuse for shopping, especially if it involves dog treats!!   We'll post the good news when Jackie is back to having all four legs operational again!

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