Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where to sleep...

My foster family is a bit rude to me. First of all, they put all of my stuffies on top of me because they thought I was cute like this. I took every one of them out of my toy basket to play with...then I got tired. I went to sleep next to them in my bed, NOT with them on top of me. As if this is not bad enough, a greyhound as dignified as I am realizes that he is a guest in this house and thus, should sleep in the guest bed. NOT HERE I DON'T! I was very careful to not let my foster parents know that I was using the bed- well, until last night. My foster mom was cleaning up in the bedroom and I forgot and, well, when she turned around, there I was, standing on the bed. Oops! Anyway, I really thought that a guest bed was for guests and I am a guest, you know. I am very polite and do not get into bed with my foster parents at night. I was just hoping to get my own bedroom with my own bed. It's not like they don't have spares. Anyway, that is right out now, so I have to go back to sleeping on a dog bed. Don't they know who I am? Everything else is going well, but I am really hoping that I can find someone to love me who is not going to post embarrassing pictures of me and banish me to a dog bed. Of course, in my new home, I will not be a guest, so I guess the guest bed won't be an option. Just having a home will be good enough for me!

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