Thursday, August 21, 2008

Build a better mouse trap…

I am here to attest to the fact that someone built a better mouse trap and boy am I happy about that. Yesterday, my foster mom put some new mouse traps out in the backyard. She was setting them in the little box where those little critters are hiding. She left one on the deck that was set. Have I mentioned how much I love peanut butter? Well, I don’t think it is fair that we are feeding those little critters peanut butter, so I decided I would take it out of the mouse trap and we could put something that I don’t really like in the trap for the mice. Well, I started to stick my nose in the trap and SNAP!!! Yeah, I know what you are thinking…”Poor Topper!” No worries, though, someone built a better mouse trap!!!! I liked it so much that after it snapped, I picked it up and ran away with it. I really wanted that peanut butter. After she caught me, my foster mom told me that I am lucky she thought about Bettis and I when she got the traps or my nose might have been snapped right off- OUCH!!! She said that if it didn’t have a tunnel around the snappy bar, I would have been toast. Peanut butter does go really well with toast, though, so maybe that would have been okay. Hmmmm, I need to go find peanut butter toast…Have I mentioned I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER!!!

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