Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Perfect Gentleman

Good afternoon, everyone. I am Topper (formerly known as Top Gun). As you can tell from my greeting, I am a perfect gentleman. I have recently hit a rough spot in my life when my family moved to California without me. I have been lucky enough to be taken to a foster home and my foster brother, Bettis, is comforting me by letting me know that all foster dogs get a home and things will turn around. My foster mom says that I am the best walker she has ever seen. I don't pull on the leash and I truly do not understand why Bettis must stop and mark every tree we see. How undignified! I love my people and will follow them everywhere. While I have lived as an only dog in the past, I had many human family members to keep me company. I really do not like to be left at home alone. My foster mom says I am really smart . I bark to be let out and let back in. I also learned the doggie door in my foster home in just a day! I really would like to find a new home soon. A gentleman of my distinction should not be kept in a foster home for the rest of my life.

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