Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy "10th" Birthday, Mr. Bean

Hi Yinz guys!

I am loving Pittsburgh! By the way, this is Mr. Bean, the grand old man of my home! As you can see, I had a wonderful birthday. My human brother brought me a REAL cupcake! YUMMY!!! And, my new Mom gave me a doggie birthday cake. I did share some of the cake, but the Cupcake was ALL MINE. Look how jealous Tally is in the picture. He didn't get a cupcake. I guess they just have to realize that I am older and wiser than them.
For all of you who have been wondering what I have been up to, I have been really busy. I had to make a new hole in my new backyard. It hardly seems fair that I should have to do all the digging, so I taught my fur brothers how to dig, too. Funny how I should be in trouble, but I am still loved! I've also had to be the guard dog around here. I protect my new home by barking at everyone who goes by. They don't know I am really not ferocious. I really hope I never have to back up my bark...I don't have enough teeth to bite!! I got a new bed and a new collar, too! I love my new bed!
Well, I guess I should go nap on my bed. Just wanted to tell everyone "hello" and let you know that I am doing well!

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