Friday, November 7, 2008

Crazy Moon

Due to the holidays, some travel and other commitments, there may be a slight lull in the foster stories. In order to keep some interest, we have requested some of the more infamous fosters come back and tell their stories (as you may know, the first blog was a former foster, Mischief). Today, we invite back Mr. Moon who may get a couple blogs due to his many antics...

Hi Folks,

I have to tell you that I am not sure I am Mr. Moon, Crazy Moon or No Moon. I have been called all of the above. I have a couple of stories for you of my rough days in the foster system. You see, I failed out of the foster program to begin with. I was in my first foster home and I was a bit of a thief...Well, maybe a clepto, but I really wanted the things I took, so I guess I will let you decide. The last straw was the day I took my first foster mom's glasses. That is when I got sent to doggie bootcamp with Michelle. He He He...They call it boot camp, but I gave one of my looks and pulled my antics and Michelle started laughing at me...She said I was hilarious, whatever that means. I stole her purse, her laptop, and even Rob's gym bag. The funniest part was that I took most of them outside (she caught me stealing the laptop) through the doggie door and emptied them. It was AWESOME!! What a fun game of hide and seek we had! Michelle said I wasn't very good at it because I hid everything in the same spot.

I'm a little embarassed by this next one, but Michelle will tell it if I don't. One day, Michelle came home and her neighbor stopped her before she pulled in the driveway. That neighbor was a snitch! She told Michelle to not be alarmed when she found a very weird item on the front porch, but that she saw me playing with something outside and thought I was going to hurt myself. Betcha you can't guess what I took outside to play with!!! I took the iron. What fun! I don't know why people do such tedious motions with an iron. They should try throwing it in the air and playing catch with it. It comes to the ground with such a marvelous thud. I dream of stealing an iron again...Oops, I let emotion carry me away, but it was so much fun. Anyway, Michelle just hugged me and laughed and told me she was glad that someone was watching out for me or I could have been hurt. Well, I may have carried on a bit too long on this one, so check back next week and I will tell you the story of the "Pantry Party"!! TTFN

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