Saturday, October 18, 2008

Topper goes home

Hi Everyone! Topper here for one last blog. Just wanted to let everyone know that these crazy undignified pictures of me stop now! Can you believe they took a picture of me with a cow! HOW RUDE! It doesn't matter anymore, though. I got a new forever home and I really love my new people. I was so happy, that when my foster mom gave them to me, I didn't even look back at her to say good-bye!! I have a new fawn brother named Larry and he and I have soft, cushy beds and a couch to share. I won't tell this to too many people, but I've heard that Larry likes to get in the bed during the day. This is good for me because if I do it, I can blame it on him and no one will know! Well, guys, it's been fun even though you've seen some crazy pictures of me, but I am going to enjoy my new family who says they will keep me forever even if I do some little "mischievous" things. Topper out!

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