Monday, July 6, 2015

I'm Back!!!!

Stitches out, bandages off, mostly unmuzzled (I'm still not supposed to lick my toe), and I am back in business.  First line of business after my bandages came off?  Start jumping back on the couch.  Second, make a giant mess with stuffies because I want a nice long walk and a run but they still won't give it to me.  I figure at some point they will figure out it takes more time to clean up all the toys from the stuffy basket than it does to take me for a good long walk!   Don't worry, when my little foster brother wakes up, he will throw me some stuffies...We like to play fetch and tug of war.  I usually win!!  So, does anyone know whether I am supposed to have three toes on each foot or four??  I can't really tell, but I think I may have lost one under the bandages they had on me!  Oh well, I am back to my old self, so who cares how many toes are on each foot, right?