Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm still here

Hi everyone,
It is me, Flammer, again. I am still waiting for my forever home. You may remember me asking to be an only dog. I think I still would prefer that, but as you can see, I am growing to be okay with other dogs. My foster mom still wants to make sure I don't get hurt as I have only been here about a week, so she keeps me safe by not allowing me to snap at my foster sister, but I am doing so well, that the only time I have my muzzle on is at night now when I might get startled out of my sleep when Ginger gets up and walks around. I do have to periodically tell Ginger to calm down when she starts bouncing too much, but my foster mom says that my response when she goes crazy is perfectly reasonable. All of this being said, I do love my people. My human foster brother is great because he is about the same height as me and seems to walk around with food a lot. He also sneaks me morsels from the table. YUMMY!! He can do pretty much anything to me and I am just fine. Well, I just wanted everyone to know I am still here and could really use a home. My foster mom says someone is going to be VERY lucky to snag me!!!

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lala said...

i'd like to say that i met this dog at the picnic and he truely is a wonderful, sweet, calm guy. a true gem